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Table 2 Signaling pathways affected by eribulin and paclitaxel in HBVPs

From: Eribulin mesylate exerts specific gene expression changes in pericytes and shortens pericyte-driven capillary network in vitro

Eribulin affected pathways p values (-log) Paclitaxel affected pathways p values (-log)
Cell cycle control of chromosomal replication 6.85E+00 PI3K/AKT signaling 5.91E+00
Granzyme A signaling* 6.27E+00 Hepatic fibrosis/hepatic stellate cell activation* 4.59E+00
RAN signaling 3.37E+00 NRF2-mediated oxidative stress response 4.11E+00
Polyamine regulation in colon cancer 3.03E+00 Glucocorticoid receptor signaling 4.07E+00
Role of macrophages, fibroblasts and endothelial cells in rheumatoid arthritis* 2.79E+00 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling 3.89E+00
Airway pathology in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 2.68E+00 IGF-1 signaling 3.82E+00
IL-17A signaling in fibroblasts* 2.44E+00 p53 signaling 3.79E+00
Hepatic fibrosis/hepatic stellate cell activation* 2.10E+00 Granzyme A signaling* 3.30E+00
Bladder cancer signaling* 2.09E+00 Cell cycle regulation by BTG family proteins 3.19E+00
Mismatch repair in eukaryotes 2.06E+00 Aldosterone signaling in epithelial cells 2.95E+00
Putrescine degradation III 2.01E+00 MIF regulation of innate immunity 2.87E+00
   CDK5 signaling 2.70E+00
   Wnt/b-catenin signaling 2.60E+00
   Role of macrophages, fibroblasts and endothelial cells in Rrheumatoid arthritis* 2.42E+00
   HGF signaling 2.38E+00
   MIF-mediated glucocorticoid regulation 2.38E+00
   Estrogen receptor signaling 2.37E+00
   Role of IL-17A in arthritis 2.34E+00
   VDR/RXR activation 2.31E+00
   Role of CHK proteins in cell cycle checkpoint control 2.30E+00
   IL-17A signaling in fibroblasts* 2.28E+00
   Stearate biosynthesis I (animals) 2.28E+00
   Superoxide radicals degradation 2.24E+00
   Apoptosis signaling 2.06E+00
   CD40 signaling 2.06E+00
   Bladder cancer signaling* 2.03E+00
   Melanoma signaling 2.00E+00
  1. Genes with significantly changed expression levels compare to controls were analyzed using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. Cell signaling pathways significantly affected by eribulin or paclitaxel treatments are shown.
  2. *Common pathways for both treatments.