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Table 1 FDA approved or under clinical trails drugs for brain tumors therapy

From: Nano to micro delivery systems: targeting angiogenesis in brain tumors

Drug FDA approved for brain tumors/Brain clinical trails Approved routes of administration (Brain tumors & other disorders) Drug delivery platforms in research for approved drugs
Temozolomide Approved Oral Intracerebral Biodegradable gel matrices/Polymer nanoparticles
Procarbazine Approved Oral -
lomustine Approved Oral Liposomes/Microcapsules
Vincristine Approved IV Intra-arterially
Carmustine Approved IV/Oral/Wafer CED/Polymer microchips and microspheres
Carboplatin Approved IV CED/Intracerebral/Intraarterial/Liposomes
Bevacizumab Approved IV Intra-arterial
Doxorubicin Phase I/II/III injection;liposomal * -
Imatinib mesylate Phase I/II/III Oral; Intravenous * -
Cisplatin Phase I/II/III Injection * -
Topotecan Phase I/II/III Injection; Oral * -
Interferon-alpha Phase I/II Injection; Subcutaneous; Oral * -
Paclitaxel Phase I/II Intravenous; Injection * -
Arsenic trioxide Phase I/II Injection * -
  1. * These routes are approved for other disorders