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Table 2 Mammalian Notch receptors and ligands involved in vascular development and disease

From: Novel insights into the differential functions of Notch ligands in vascular formation

Component Phenotype/Role References
Notch receptors   
Notch1 Proper vascular development; Postnatal neovascularization [13, 31, 32]
Notch3 Maturation of vascular smooth muscle cells [44]
Notch4 Null mice show normal vascular development; Notch1; Notch4 mutant mice have severe vascular defects; Gain-of-function experiments show vascular abnormalities in development and postnatal life [13, 33, 34]
Notch ligands   
Jagged1 Dispensable for arterial specification; Formation of hematopoietic stem cells from the aorta; Smooth muscle differentiation and maturation; Proangiogenic regulation [21, 3941, 52]
Dll1 Maintenance of arterial identity; Arterial smooth muscle differentiation; Postnatal arteriogenesis [19, 38]
Dll4 Arterial specification; Tip cell and stalk cell selection during sprouting angiogenesis; Regulation of tumor angiogenesis [23, 25, 3537, 4652, 55, 56]