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Table 2 Human and mouse antibodies utilized for immunofluorescence and flow cytometry analyses

From: Human and mouse brain-derived endothelial cells require high levels of growth factors medium for their isolation, in vitro maintenance and survival

Antibody Dilution Manufacturer
CD31 1:50 Sigma
vWF 1:50 Sigma
GLUT-1 1:100 Millipore
e-NOS 1:100 Millipore
UEA-1 1:20 Sigma
hNAg 1:20 Chemicon
Draq 5 1:800 Alexis
VE-cadherin 1:250 Santa Cruz
Claudin-5 1:1000 Invitrogen
β-catenin 1:250 Abcam
CD31 1:100 Millipore
vWF 1:50 Santa Cruz Biotechnology
GLUT-1 1:100 Millipore
e-NOS 1:100 Millipore
Flow cytometry
CD31-PE (AC128) 1:40 Miltenyi
CD105-FITC ( SN6) 1:40 Serotec
CD146-PE ( F4-35H7) 1:20 Biocytex
UEA-1-FITC 1:50 Sigma
CD31-PE (MEC13.3) 1:20 BD Biosciences
CD34-FITC (RAM34) 1:20 BD Biosciences
CD146-FITC (P1H12) 1:20 Chemicon
Tie-2-PE (1E11DH) 1:50 Millipore