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Table 2 Mean % change from baseline in MRI parameters (full analysis set)

From: DCE-MRI assessment of the effect of vandetanib on tumor vasculature in patients with advanced colorectal cancer and liver metastases: a randomized phase I study

  Mean % change from baseline (95% confidence interval) Pvalue*
(300 mg vs. 100 mg)
  Vandetanib 100 mg Vandetanib 300 mg  
Primary variables    
iAUC60 --3.4 (--13.6, 8.1) --4.6 (--13.4, 5.0) 0.429 (one-sided)
Ktrans --4.6 (--22.4, 17.4) --2.7 (--18.4, 16.2) 0.558 (one-sided)
Exploratory variables    
T2* --2.2 (--7.1, 2.9) 7.3 (3.1, 11.7) 0.006 (two-sided)
LDDCE-MRI 16.1 (9.7, 22.9) 8.0 (2.9, 13.4) 0.029 (one-sided)
  1. iAUC60 initial area under the DCE-MRI contrast agent concentration--time curve after 60 s
  2. Ktrans volume transfer constant between blood plasma and extravascular extracellular space
  3. T2* effective magnetic transverse relaxation time
  4. LDDCE-MRI length of longest diameter of target lesion measured as part of the DCE-MRI acquisition protocol
  5. *The effect of vandetanib on MRI parameters was assessed using repeated measures ANOVA, which was fitted to the log-transformed baseline as a covariate and dose as a factor. Point and interval estimates were exponentially back transformed to provide the estimates of the % differences. The preplanned statistical comparisons were between the dose levels and not within dose levels. Only the least squares mean (95% CI) changes are reported within dose. See 'Statistical analyses' section for full details